What to Drink to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly

what to drink to lower blood pressure quickly

How To Lower Blood Pressure Quickly

Staying on top of your blood pressure is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your blood pressure is often recorded and measured in the doctor’s office and other healthcare settings because knowing how your cardiovascular system is functioning is vital for preventing poor health.

What To Drink To Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is common among many adults and often can be influenced by diet and exercise. In particular, diet is vital to keeping your blood pressure readings in a healthy range so that you can help to prevent any heart issues from occurring.

While eating heart-healthy foods can allow for a healthful boost, there are some options for beverages that could help to aid in your heart health goals. Consider the options ahead for what to drink to lower blood pressure quickly and to help with your healthy lifestyle journey.

Top 7 Drinks To Lower Blood Pressure Quickly

1. Beet Juice. Perhaps the best option for blood pressure control is beet juice since it contains nitrates. When you consume nitrates through food or juice, the body converts it to nitric oxide, which is known to dilate blood vessels and allow for better blood flow.

With better blood flow due to dilated blood vessels, the pressure within the heart is eased, creating a better balance and blood pressure as a result. Consider fresh or cold-pressed beet juice to get this benefit. What To Drink To Lower Blood Pressure Quickly 2

2. Green Tea. One of the most common drinks in the world, green tea contains flavonoids and polyphenols to help protect the body. These compounds can help with blood pressure and drinking a cup of green tea a day can help.

Large studies have shown the consumption of green tea can significantly lower blood pressure by about 2 mmHg following a cup, which is a great effect that can last if consumed throughout the day. Consider hot or cold green tea and for best results on blood pressure consider skipping any sugar or sweetener if possible.

3. Ginger Tea. Studies have shown consuming ginger tea, or ginger-infused water can help to lower systolic blood pressure by about 7 mmHg and diastolic pressure by about 2 mmHg, suggesting the use of ginger supplementation in the form of tea to be optimal.

Ginger tea can be made by using powder, fresh-cut ginger, or even plain ginger paste. In addition, the addition of ginger into green tea could help with added blood pressure lowering effects as well.

4. Psyllium Husks. A common drink used to curb food cravings, psyllium husk is a good option to help keep blood pressure low and stay low. Especially when consumed prior to a meal, drinking psyllium husk can help prevent overeating at a meal, unnecessary snacking with sodium, and help to reduce weight.

In addition, studies suggest that adding more fiber with psyllium husks to the diet can help to lower blood pressure, especially among people who already have high blood pressure. Consider starting with a dose per day and gradually increasing as necessary as the body adjusts to the added fiber intake.

5. Water. This is by far the most basic drink your body needs regularly and the consumption of water is paramount to life and adequate health. Drinking water helps to maintain proper hydration, and fluid status and the body needs this in order to survive. Some studies suggest that drinking water that has calcium and magnesium fortified to it could help to lower blood pressure.

While there is no magical amount of water that every adult should drink each day, the thought is to drink until the mind signals that it is no longer thirsty. For many adults, a general rule is to aim for about eight glasses spread out through the day.

6. Skim Milk. Loaded with nutrients calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and protein, skim milk can help to lower blood pressure fast based on the nutrients alone, especially when compared to full-fat milk.

Skim milk is fat-free, which means there is less stress placed on your heart and blood vessels when consuming this. Consider swapping your current cow’s milk option to skim whenever possible to gain the benefits.

7. Cranberry Juice. Perhaps the tastiest option here, cranberry juice may have a powerful benefit to your blood pressure. Studies have shown that low-calorie cranberry juice is beneficial for many cardiovascular health factors, including blood pressure.

These studies have shown consuming cranberry juice can help to lower diastolic blood pressure, which could have fast effects. Consider a small glass of low-calorie cranberry juice each day to aid in lowering your blood pressure fast.

Role Of Nutrition On Blood Pressure

The food and drinks you consume on a daily basis play a big role in your blood pressure. There are many factors that can cause blood pressure to creep up over the years, however, a good diet can certainly help to manage overall heart health.

When looking for what to drink to lower blood pressure quickly, it is important to know what nutrients to consume. Consider some of the following when making your selection.

  • Potassium. Consuming potassium works to balance the sodium in your body which can help to prevent blood pressure from getting too high. Most American adult diets do not come close to meeting the requirement for this nutrient.
  • Fiber. This is a critical nutrient for regulating your gut health, but it’s also needed for blood pressure. Fiber can help to curb cholesterol levels and over time might help prevent excessive buildup in your arteries.
  • Magnesium. Magnesium plays a role in relaxing the body and might help boost sleep quality. With that in mind, better sleep can have a beneficial effect on blood pressure as well.
  • Nitrates. Nitrogen compounds can help to dilate blood vessels and can have a lasting effect on your blood pressure.
  • Calcium. This nutrient is valuable for muscle contraction and may help with your overall blood pressure values.


A healthy diet and exercise plan is something that most everyone should closely follow for optimal blood pressure support. In addition to healthy eating finding what to drink to lower blood pressure quickly could help if you are looking to get the most benefit from your healthy lifestyle. Consider the options above to aid in your heart health.

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What to Drink to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly