Caviar Gift For Friends On New Year’s Eve

Sturgeon caviar is a reference product worldwide. Bester Caviar has been supplying organic caviar delicacies in the U.S. for over seven years and offers caviar gift sets .  

How did Bester Caviar develop? It began with the tenacity and persistence of a Ukrainian girl, Inna Polutskaya. After moving from her native country to America, she started offering caviar to cafes and restaurants. She gradually began to deal with direct deliveries of caviar from organic farms in Israel and Madagascar.

Inna wanted to be sure of the product quality and had a desperate desire to make caviar available to the consumer. Now Bester Caviar is known in many restaurants in the states and has regular customers. Feedback on the quality and taste of overseas caviar speaks for itself.

1. The best collection for gourmands

Black caviar should be served properly and beautifully – only chilled, and it should be eaten with a special spoon. We have thought of everything. We present the best collection sets that are suitable as gifts for gourmets for New Year’s Eve. The complete set includes:

  • gourmet jars,
  • pearlized spoons,
  • mini fridge,
  • French pancakes,
  • cream cheese,
  • can opener.

Products come in a styrofoam refrigerator with ice packs.

2. Caviar Gourmet Set

This sophisticated gift is suitable for a gourmet group and contains everything you need for tasting: 3 tins of black caviar, caviar of chum salmon, foie gras, 3 packs of pancakes, sour cream. In addition, there is a mini fridge and 8 pearlized spoons. The set is suitable for 5-10 people.

Caviar Gourmet Set

3. Osetra Trio Sampler

A trio of popular caviar flavors would make the perfect gift to get to know the taste of the royal product. The salty buttery taste of Siberian Sturgeon and its sweet notes are complemented by a nutty flavor. And all this is represented in one set!

So, gifts for gourmets contain Siberian, carat black and carat amber caviar, 30 pancakes, and cream cheese.

4. River Beluga Caviar – Kaluga Hybrid Gift Set

Are you organizing a real caviar party? You should certainly order a set with Beluga caviar and try the rare rich flavor. This caviar is larger and has a golden-brown hue. You don’t need to overpower its creamy taste with other products, the pancakes in the set will be enough.

5. Royal Beluga Hybrid Gift Set (Huso huso x Baerii)

Beluga hybrids caviar is a royal caviar with a nutty aftertaste. We used the most ancient technology of “malosol” not to disguise it. Each jar of delicacy contains a minimum of salt, with no preservatives added. The eggs have a smooth and silky texture, rich creamy, and earthy taste with nutty notes at the end.  It is accompanied by pancakes, spoons, and a cooler.

6. Russian Osetra Karat Amber – Caviar Gift Set

The caviar in this set was from the Israeli farm Karat of Sturgeon from the Caspian Sea. The product is usually combined with pancakes and cheese. Order the gift set for a certain number of people.

7. Zar Trilogy Gift Set

Zar Trilogy Gift Set

You can start the acquaintance with the classic exquisite flavor of Siberian caviar, and continue with marine notes and pleasant nutty nuances. To reach the pinnacle of flavor, you can enjoy the delicate “cream” of Siberian Beluga. At home, you can taste the caviar with a spoon or try it on pancakes. 

The founder of Bester obtains and sells delicious caviar at a low price so that everyone can try this luxury or give it to friends as a present. Special privileges and discounts are available to our caviar club members. Subscribe to us, and invite your family and friends to enjoy the health benefits and delights for your taste buds.