Building a New Age Marketing Architecture Centered on Intelligent Technology – YANG Chun

Reporter: LI Xin

The era of intelligent technology makes the marketing industry change rapidly, the business environment, media environment and consumers are always changing, making marketing has always been one of the fastest updating knowledge industry. In this context, big data intelligent marketing has become a must-have option for digital marketing, and intelligence has become a keyword that has been mentioned repeatedly in the marketing industry. The application of high and new technologies has brought about new marketing thinking, while promoting the upgrading and iteration of marketing methods and marketing tools. On the one hand, mobile Internet and social media have brought dividends, customer contact and interaction has generated a large amount of data behavior, more marketing work can be achieved through the interactive participation of customers; on the other hand, the application of intelligent technology makes it possible to gain real-time insight into customer behavior and instantly satisfy customer needs, marketing is more concerned about how to create value for the customer on the basis of the realization of business value. In order to build a new era marketing structure centered on intelligent technology and help AI intelligent marketing develop steadily, Ms. YANG Chun, a marketing expert in China, has made a number of original scientific research achievements in the marketing industry based on her rich marketing experience and her own mastery of intelligent technology.

When talking about the future direction of marketing intelligence, YANG Chun mentioned, “The rapid development of big data and machine learning algorithms has shortened the path of artificial intelligence to real-world applications, and we are moving towards the era of data intelligence. Social commerce has changed from unidirectional product design, marketing communication and service provision to a human-computer interaction-based approach. Data becomes the core foundation that drives AI applications, and enterprises use the data they obtain to iteratively optimize product design, innovate marketing interaction content, and optimize service delivery to provide people with more appropriate products, services, content, and experiences. This process will become more data-driven, more real-time, more intelligent, and more automated.”

YANG Chun, graduated from South China Normal University, is now the marketing manager of Guangzhou Zexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. She has been engaged in marketing work since she graduated from the university, and has ploughed deeply in the marketing industry for more than ten years, and has been committed to researching the application of intelligent technology in the field of marketing, and advancing the development process of marketing intelligence. With her keen sense of smell and years of experience in the industry, YANG Chun found that there is serious homogenization in the traditional marketing model, which is not attractive to customers, the information is displayed in a single form, with a low exposure rate, the traditional data management mode is too cumbersome, the data is easy to be lost, the arrival rate of the information is low, and there is no reasonable use of customer resources and other problems. In such an environment, the idea of promoting the development of the marketing industry with the help of intelligence comes out of the trend, hoping to cope with the challenges with the help of artificial intelligence and new technology of in-depth imaging.

In order to cope with the above problems, Ms. YANG Chun, focusing on the real needs of consumers and based on big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other intelligent technologies, independently researched and developed two scientific and technological achievements, namely, “Marketing Intelligent Simulation Platform Based on Deep Learning” and “5G+ Intelligent Education Holographic Playback System Based on Artificial Intelligence”, while also carried out research on two targeted projects, namely, Exploration on the Application of Deep Learning in Intelligent Marketing Field and Research on the Collection and Management of User Profiles in Intelligent Marketing.

“Marketing Intelligent Simulation Platform Based on Deep Learning” is widely used in the marketing work of major enterprises. It relies on the deep learning module to collect and analyze user dynamic data, which is used to help the company collect data from all channels in the market, analyze and predict them, and find out the real needs of users in a more agile way, so as to reduce the risk for the implementation of the enterprise’s marketing strategy, and intuitively improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise. The “5G+ Intelligent Education Holographic Playback System Based on Artificial Intelligence” meets the needs of the cooperative educational institutions, shows the details and uses of the products in an all-round and multi-dimensional way for the consumers, and provides the enterprises with a more efficient and attractive way of displaying the products in order to achieve the goals of the marketing program. YANG Chun, in her research project Exploration on the Application of Deep Learning in Intelligent Marketing Field, shows that “intelligent marketing is personalized and precise marketing centered on the real needs of consumers, based on big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other intelligent technologies, and establishing an emotional connection with consumers through content and creativity. It absorbs the essence of existing marketing theories and establishes more advanced marketing tools and strategies with the help of ever-emerging intelligent technologies”. And she clarified the importance of user profiles and precise positioning of user groups for future marketing ideas in Research on the Collection and Management of User Profiles in Intelligent Marketing, focusing on discovering the profiles of target groups so that the implementation of marketing strategies can be more targeted, and emphasized that it is necessary to deepen the correlation between high and new technologies and marketing work, and apply more cutting-edge technologies to marketing work.

Ms. YANG Chun’s many intellectual property achievements have brought considerable economic benefits to a number of cooperative enterprises and organizations after being put into use. At the same time, these scientific research achievements have been highly appreciated by a number of experts and scholars in the industry, they said that these scientific research achievements provide enterprises with precise marketing programs, while improving the intelligent marketing industry system, having a far-reaching impact on the intelligent marketing industry. YANG Chun has been repeatedly invited by well-known enterprises in the industry to participate in the judging work of various scientific research projects. In addition, she has also been appointed as a visiting professor of Business School of China Academy of Management Science, leading the marketing industry towards intelligence with her strong scientific research ability and hard-working scientific research spirit.

With the growing maturity of the industry chain, the role of intelligent marketing will become increasingly important in the future. Entering the era of data intelligence, all of our behavioral habits are connected to the network in the form of data, and ultimately this data changes us through artificial intelligence-driven products and services. The application of these innovative technologies facilitates product, business and service innovation, drives new business model changes, and facilitates the transformation of marketing, service and experience. Finally, Ms. YANG said that she will continue to accelerate her research on intelligent marketing and devote herself to perfecting the intelligent marketing architecture under the Industry 4.0 system.